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Greenpoint waterfront's 40-story rental and condo tower, revealed

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The building’s rising on a site long poised for development

Greenpoint’s towerification has been a long time coming, and a new building freshly unveiled for the neighborhood’s waterfront signals that the wait is over: it’s here. Greenpoint, welcome The Greenpoint—the 40-story condo and rental building that’s rising on the waterfront between India and Huron streets along West Street.

The tower, developed by Mack Real Estate Group and Palin Enterprises with Urban Development Partners and designed by Ismael Leyva Architects, will be both a rental and condo building, with 287 rentals on its lower 27 floors and 95 condos ranging from studios to three-bedrooms on floors 28 through 40.

The 400-foot-tall tower will also be connected, by way of a courtyard, to an adjacent five-story building that runs along India and Huron streets that will hold an additional 81 rentals ranging from studios to two-bedrooms. The courtyard is just a fraction of the building’s 30,000 square feet of amenities, which will also include a parking garage and indoor courtyards.

Mack picked up the property a decade ago, in 2006, for $84.57 million, and plans for the site have evolved over time. The first iteration of the project was put on hold following the post-recession credit freeze, and returned in August 2014 with a spread in the Wall Street Journal that announced the site would give way to a 39-story with 600 apartments and 23,000 square feet of retail space. At the time, the apartments made a claim towards "affordable luxury. There’s no intel just yet about pricing for The Greenpoint, but sales will launch in early 2017. It's teaser site is now live.

The under-construction building is already visible from the Manhattan side of the East River, meaning that move-ins will be happening about a year after sales launch.