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Experience a kaleidoscopic Times Square in new public art installation

The installation is comprised of one flat mirror on the ground, and two angled mirrors

Times Square isn’t bereft of quirky, puzzling or moving installations by any means, but another one is now being added to the mix. Titled, The Beginning of the End, the sculpture is comprised of three giant mirrors and has been created by Cuban artist Rachel Valdés Camejo. Starting October 18, the interactive installation will be placed at Broadway Plaza between West 46th and 47th Streets.

The idea was to create a corridor of three mirrored surfaces that people can walk through. The mirror on the floor will reflect the sky, and the two angled mirrors on the side reflect the lights, the billboards, and the general hustle and bustle of Times Square, creating a kaleidoscope of sorts when you walk through the installation.

"This work pulls in the sky to draw it underneath your feet, wrapping Times Square completely around your body, Sherry Dobbin, the director of Times Square Arts, the public arts arm of the Times Square Alliance, said in a statement. "The natural skyscape, the electronic billboards and the office buildings combine in a human kaleidoscope, in which each twist of your body brings about new perspectives."

For Camejo, it’s her first solo showing in the United States, and in many ways this installation will be her most public work yet.

"I build objects to create dialogues between human beings, the object and space," she said in a statement. "So far the other environments in which I worked are quieter places, even places that become inhospitable, so to have my work this time in a place where so many people pass, and in a city like New York, it gives a whole other visual and conceptual possibility to my work."

The installation will remain at the plaza until November 18th.

Times Square

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