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Gorgeous Selldorf-designed duplex in former Chelsea YMCA wants $14.5 million

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The enormous apartment is in what was once the YMCA's gymnasium

The onetime McBurney YMCA may be better known in real-estate circles for being home to the now-infamous "black condo," which was featured in everything from an episode of Law & Order to a Notorious B.I.G. video. But the building at 213 West 23rd Street is home to 13 other apartments, including this stunning duplex, which just hit the market with a $14.5 million asking price.

According to The New York Times, which first reported on the listing, the home is owned by Beverley Kerzner, daughter of a famed South African hotelier. When Kerzner bought the place in 2007 (for a slightly less hefty $8.35 million), she hired starchitect Annabelle Selldorf to spruce the place up.

And spruce she did: Selldorf worked with the space, which once served as the former YMCA’s gym and running track, incorporating its enormous ceilings and unique layout in the final design. Now, the contemporary duplex has four bedrooms and three bathrooms (plus a powder room), along with features like a large staircase connecting its two levels and a chef’s kitchen with an extra-long counter.

As the Times points out, the building was used by all manner of celebrities when it was still a YMCA, including Andy Warhol and Edward Albee; it also features prominently in the video for the Village People’s "YMCA," a nifty bit of trivia that we sincerely hope residents pull out during their cocktail parties.