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“Hamilton” producer is converting an UWS building into his very own mansion

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The former 8-unit building will become Jeffrey Seller’s single-family home

Producer of the hit Broadway play "Hamilton" is doing big things on the Upper West Side. According to Luxury Listings NYC, Jeffrey Seller has plans to convert an eight-unit apartment building into a single-family home that will boast a sweeping 8,772 square feet.

Seller bought the building back in March for $11 million, and it was presumed that he would rent out several of the apartments, but as it turns out, the Tony-Award-winning producer has since made plans to spend more than $500,000 on the building’s conversion. Alterations include plans to add an additional story and a rooftop terrace to the soon-to-be mansion along Riverside Drive. Seller has tapped David Bers Architect for the revamp.