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Open House New York 2016: Peek inside NYC’s coolest hidden sites

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See the best photos from the event, dedicated to off-limits New York City places

Another Open House New York is now on the books, and judging by the photos posted to social media over the weekend—where the hashtag #OHNYwknd was in frequent use—it was a banner year, with hundreds of fascinating, little-seen New York City sites open to the public. Among the most popular, according to our not-so-scientific scouring: Lite Brite Neon Studios in Gowanus, an Instagram-perfect site if ever there was one; the unusual architecture of Westbeth Artists Housing, located in the former Bell Laboratories Buildings in the West Village; and the Lowline Lab on the Lower East Side.

But there were hundreds of sites across all five boroughs welcoming visitors on Saturday and Sunday—get a peek at some of our favorites below.

Manhattan Municipal Building Cupola:

City Hall:

The floating staircase of City Hall @openhousenewyork #ohnywknd #ohny

A photo posted by Allison Meier (@allisoncmeier) on

Westbeth Artists Housing:

season two of vinyl was canceled #ohnywknd

A photo posted by natasha rubright (@flamingtashhh) on

New York State Pavilion in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park:

the one time I could have used my wnyc hard hat and I left it at home

A photo posted by bari (@finkelbaripie) on

Lite Brite Neon Studios:

LITE BRITE NEON STUDIO, 네온장인 . . #nyc#ohnywknd #ohnywknd2016 #nyopenhouse #litebriteneon #neon #vivid

A photo posted by 차성혜 (@chacha_chaaaaa) on

Come visit!! 10-4 Saturday October 15 @litebriteneon for @openhousenewyork we are here!! ❤️

A photo posted by Erika deVries (@fancyswanpants) on

Museum at Eldridge Street:

Another view of that amazing window. #ohnywknd #ohny #eldridgestreet #eldridgestreetsynagogue #stainedglass

A photo posted by Minty / Erin (@pepperknit) on

Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia Airport:

The Black Lady Theatre, Brooklyn:

We need a Pan- African flag emoji ❤️⚫️ #OHNY #cityofculturalexchange

A photo posted by LaLa (@glowlala) on

The Queensway:

#queensway #ohny #openhousenewyork

A photo posted by Kerensa in BK, etc. (@k.wood.bk) on

620 Fulton Street in Brooklyn:

Union Theological Seminary:

Sims Municipal Recycling Facility:

stairway to heaven

A video posted by Molly (@_mollyfication) on

URBY on Staten Island:

Lowline Lab:

Sylvan Terrace:

#ohnywknd #nylandmarkdistrict #cobblestonestreet

A photo posted by jim massey (@jimmmassey) on