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Betsey Johnson’s staid Upper East Side apartment slashes its ask

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It’s asking less than the fashion designer purchased it for in 2008

Eccentric fashion designer Betsey Johnson listed her uncharacteristically low-key Upper East Side apartment in May, and while the one-bedroom may be more to-taste with the general public than most of Johnson’s whimsical designs, the apartment has yet to sell. Johnson just rolled the asking price back from $2.25 million to $1.795 million, $55,000 less than she purchased the East 85th Street pad for in 2008, the Observer notes.

Johnson’s 850-square-foot apartment is done up in a ‘70s style, with starburst lighting and a living area carpet in Johnson’s signature hot pink. The one-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment comes with a 300-square-foot terrace and partial Central Park views.