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Woolworth Building's luxe condos get new, finessed floorplans

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They now maximize views and emphasize entertaining space

The ongoing conversion of the Woolworth Building’s top floors into luxury condos is the gift that keeps on giving—giving new renderings, first floorplans, honest-to-goodness peeks inside the landmark mid-conversion, and more. Now there’s more newness: developer Alchemy Properties has updated several of the floorplans for the landmark tower’s 33 residences.

The reason for the change? Sotheby’s broker Stan Ponte, who’s co-directing sales, says it’s all about “maximizing the use of space with an emphasis on entertaining, the views, and flexibility.” The interiors, designed by Thierry Despont, will keep the same finishes, but the residences will now sport more of a “downtown layout” meaning more prominent entertaining spaces.

For residences 32-39 and 41 B, the great room has been moved from the middle of the apartment to the corner to take advantage of those apartments’ double exposures. The same goes for the A line on those floors. The new floorplans also come with a look at a sprawling full-floor, terraced, four-bedroom residence on the 31st floor.

Pricing for the apartments is hush-hush—they’re still being exclusively marketed to select buyers, but Ponte indicated that a more public listings dump might be coming soon.

As for the Woolworth Residence’s fabled $110 million penthouse, alas, there’s no update just yet.