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Studio Gang, Dattner among architects chosen to bid for new NYC public projects

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More than 20 architecture firms will participate in the DDC's Design and Construction Excellent 2.0 program

DSNY’s Salt Shed, designed by Dattner Architects
Photo by Max Touhey

New York City continues to double down on its investment in public projects that combine utility with good design. Today, the Department of Design and Construction released its list of the 26 architects chosen to participate in the next iteration of its Design and Construction Excellence 2.0 initiative.

What this means: The firms on the list—including Studio Gang, Marvel Architects, Weiss/Manfredi, and Dattner Architects—will have "exclusive rights until 2019 to respond to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for design services for DDC projects where construction costs are projected to be $50 million or under," per a press release.

The initiative was first put into place by Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2005, with the goal of "reinvigorating the built environment" of New York, as he put it in a pamphlet from the program’s fifth year. In the decade since, its existence has led to the creation or renovation of public structures like the DSNY Salt Shed, designed by Dattner Architects; the SIMS Municipal Recycling Facility in Brooklyn, designed by Selldorf Architects; and the under-construction Hunters Point Community Library in Queens, designed by Steven Holl Architects.

Per a press release, being selected for DCE 2.0 means:

[D]esign consultants are given the opportunity to submit mini-proposals for the design of a variety of new building types, as well as more modest additions and renovations, and public plazas. A selection committee then ranks the proposals, and the highest-ranked firm is awarded the project.

Of course, the program has come under criticism for cost overruns; the Salt Shed, for example, was originally projected to cost $10 million, but ended up costing $23 million. But any effort to make what could be boring buildings into stunning pieces of public architecture should be applauded.

Here’s the full list:

Micro Firms (eligible for projects up to $5 million):

  • Architecture In Formation
  • Body Lawson Associates
  • Buro Koray Duman
  • Dean/Wolf Architects
  • Elmslie Osler Architect (EOA)
  • G TECTS Architecture
  • Gans studio
  • Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture
  • Sen Architects
  • Slade Architecture

Small Firms (eligible for projects costing $2 to $15 million)

  • Atelier Pagnamenta Torriani
  • H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture
  • Huff + Gooden Architects
  • ikon.5 architects
  • Jaklitsch/Gardner Architects
  • Levenbetts
  • LTL Architects
  • Rice + Lipka Architects
  • Zakrzewski + Hyde Architects

Medium Firms (eligible for projects costing $10 to $35 million)

  • allied works architecture
  • BKSK Architects

Large Firms (eligible for projects costing $25 to $50 million)

  • Dattner Architects
  • Marvel Architects
  • Studio Gang