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Architect’s bespoke Tribeca penthouse seeks $14M

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It comes with a dedicated champagne cooler and two laundry rooms

Architects are notorious for designing their own living spaces in such a particular way that, when it comes time to sell, they often aren’t appealing to buyers. That isn’t the case with the penthouse of 34 Laight Street, a 14-room lesson for architects, designed by its architect-owner, in how it’s supposed to be done. The penthouse is made up in glorious walnut millwork and features other custom touches like a 1,000-bottle glass wine room and a glass and blackened steel stairway.

All that said, the duplex isn’t without its over-the-top touches like a champagne cooler in the walk-in pantry, reclaimed "ancient" teak flooring, two laundry rooms, and a powder room with a wet bar and a window with electric privacy glass.

The penthouse also features a 1,700-square-foot private rooftop terrace that comes with bluestone pavers, an irrigated herb and vegetable garden, an outdoor kitchen, and an integrated Sonos sound system. The apartment is on the market for just shy of $14 million.