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Donald Trump’s childhood home in Queens hits the auction block

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It first went on the market this July for $1.65 million

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump may be busy getting ready for the final presidential debate in Las Vegas tonight, but back on the East Coast his childhood home in Jamaica Estates is set to go on the auction block, Crain’s reports.

The current owner, who has lived in the five-bedroom house for the past eight years, decided to put it on the market for $1.65 million in July this year. Subsequently the price dropped down to $1.399 million, but now the owner has decided to auction it off instead and let buyers decide the real value of the property, based on what the auction coordinator told Crain’s.

The two-story brick and stucco-house was built by The Donald’s father in 1940, and Trump lived there until he was four years old. The family later moved to another house in the tony neighborhood that’s largely comprised of Victorian, Colonial, and Tudor style houses.

The 3,600-square-foot property will be auctioned off this evening at the Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown with a starting price of $849,000. Trump has apparently never visited the house while the current owner has been there (why would he?) but he did tell Crain’s this about Jamaica Estates:

"It's a beautiful neighborhood, nice, quiet, no crime, very manicured. It's like living upstate but being in the city."