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Lavish Greenwich Village ‘townhouse in the sky’ wants $11.25M

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The penthouse has plenty of amenities and an eccentric design scheme

What, exactly, makes a lowly apartment worthy of the descriptor "townhouse in the sky"? Size, for one thing: this Greenwich Village penthouse covers 4,000 square feet, which is not that much smaller than some of the charming old townhouses you'll find in the neighborhood. And there's the price: $11.25 million, more than some actual townhouses are going for.

Split up over three floors, the penthouse has five bedrooms, four full and three half bathrooms, two private rooftop terraces (with a Wolf grill, outdoor storage, and a dining area), 11-foot ceilings, an expansive living and dining room (complete with a wood-burning fireplace and crown molding), an eat-in kitchen (with another fireplace!), a huge library, and a master bedroom with en-suite bath. Phew.

Granted, it's currently outfitted in decor that's … well, it's quirky. (Bold paint choices, leopard-print furniture, odd sculptural mirrors, that kind of thing.) That may explain why it hasn't sold yet, despite being on the market for almost two years now: It was first listed at the end of 2014 for nearly $15 million, reappeared last year for $12.5 million, and is now trying its luck (with a new broker, no less) for $11.25 million. Maybe the third time's the charm.