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Big reveal: $635,000 for a cute 1BR one block from Madison Square Park

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Did you guess correctly?

This week, it was Trilby16 who hit the nail on the bed with her accurate guess for this week’s Pricespotter, a one-bedroom co-op located a block away from Madison Square Park. The pre-war apartment is asking $635,000 for all that it offers, though most of you weren’t too impressed with the abode and it’s double Murphy beds and revamped kitchen. "Personally, I need a lot more space and storage than that. I guess that’s why I live in Queens," declared Trilby16. A few people determined that the space was "charmless," in the words of JEG10021 and nyc_sport, while modmother stated "I’ll pass on even imagining living here," before coming in third place with a guess of $675,000.

So here’s one more look at what comes with this apartment’s $635,000 price tag: