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St. John's Terminal redevelopment could get boost from proposed historic district

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The LPC is expected to introduce the Sullivan-Thompson Historic District next month

Just days after the sale of air rights from Pier 40 was approved by the City Planning Commission, the St. John’s Terminal redevelopment has now received another boost towards becoming a reality. The city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission indicated Thursday that it would introduce a new South Village Historic District next month, which is more likely to prompt local community groups and the City Councilman from the area, Corey Johnson, to get on board with the project, Crain’s reports.

For preservationist groups like the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, the new district would encompass an area that spans 10 blocks south of the existing district[PDF!]. In August this year, Johnson had said that if the city approved the redevelopment at 550 Washington Street, it should also work to create a new historic district. To be clear, this won’t be an extension of the existing district but a new one, known as Sullivan-Thompson Historic District, according to the LPC.

It’s a major step towards the 1.7 million square foot project becoming a reality, but there are other demands yet. Johnson also wanted a traffic study conducted of the area, and wanted a stipulation in place that would bar the Hudson River Park Trust (the managers of Pier 40) from selling any more air rights from their properties. The project may still get tripped up if those conditions aren’t met, but that will only come to light when the City Council hearing for this project gets underway. The Council generally tends to side with the opinion of the local council member.

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