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Study will measure the L train shutdown’s impact on small businesses

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The L Train Coalition is inviting small business owners along the route to participate in a new survey

As New Yorkers grow closer to the impending L train shutdown that will last a miserable 18 months, a community group called the L Train Coalition has released a survey that aims to measure the impact that the shutdown will have on small businesses along the transit line, reports DNAinfo.

While everyone is focused on finding alternate methods of traveling between Brooklyn and Manhattan while the L train is out of commission, there was a lack of concentration dedicated to studying the blow neighborhood businesses might be dealt as a result. "As the entire community looks at improvements and mitigation during the tunnel closing, we can also add to the conversation thoughts and needs that the business community has," stated L Train Coalition spokeswoman Felice Kirby.

The survey asks just eight insightful questions that seeks to gather information on what peak hours are, how much business was lost due to the March-May L train shutdown in 2015, how many employees depend on the L train to get to work, and the like. Businesses interested in participating in the survey shouldn’t waste time; it’ll only be accepting responses until Friday, October 21st.