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Gawker founder Nick Denton lists his Soho condo for $4.25M

A judge wouldn’t let Denton rent the place, so now it’s up for sale

Ex-Gawker boss Nick Denton’s Soho apartment is now officially for sale, after his plans to rent out the place were foiled by a bankruptcy judge, reports the Wall Street Journal.

To recap the sad tale: Denton filed for personal bankruptcy in August, after Hulk Hogan filed a $140 million lawsuit against the site, $10 million of which was to be paid personally by Denton. The Gawker founder tried to cut his losses by listing his condo for rent, first for $15,000 a month, then for $14,000. But when he finally found a tenant willing to pay $12,500 for the place, a judge blocked the deal at the behest of Hogan’s lawyers, who argued the rent wouldn’t "cover the property’s carrying costs," according to the WSJ.

On the bright side, the two-bedroom place is—for someone else—a rather nice apartment. The austere loft has 2,556 square feet of extremely well lit space, with tons of oversized windows, and an open chef’s kitchen. There’s also an over-the-top master suite, featuring two walk-in closets, a teak shower/steam room combo, and an indoor/outdoor "Zen room," and while it can’t compete with all that, the second bedroom isn’t too shabby, either.

Denton paid $1.87 million for the place back in 2004, and it’s currently listed for $4.25 million. If he can find a buyer at that price, it’d be at least one bit of good news for the embattled media mogul.