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Some Second Avenue subway tunnels are too narrow for certain trains

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The MTA has been working to shave down narrow tunnels to allow larger trains to pass through

It seemed like things were finally looking optimistic for the Second Avenue subway. The MTA recently reported that test runs were being conducted on the line between 57th Street-Seventh Avenue and 96th Street-Second Avenue and from the looks of it, all was going smoothly, leading everyone to believe that the oft-delayed line might actually makes its December deadline. Now, according to the Daily News, the MTA is scrambling to fix parts of the tunnel in time for its scheduled opening.

Crews had to shave down parts of a tunnel wall that were too narrow and prevented certain types of trains from passing through. The 75-foot long trains, often used for lettered trains, were unable to fully clear the curves, says the Daily News. Though the Q train that will be running along the Second Avenue line uses a smaller 60-foot train, sometimes transit workers must rely on the larger model to move equipment around.

"You may be called upon to move equipment around so it’s just a safe thing to have all of the operational equipment use that tunnel," stated MTA board member Andrew Albert.

The adjustments to the tunnel were made last week and the MTA reassures that there won’t be any changes to the anticipated December opening. Let’s hope they’re right.