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Trinity Church’s Lower Manhattan tower is back on, without condos

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The centuries-old parish will instead develop a 25-story mixed-use building

After several years and one false start, it looks like plans for a tower adjacent to Trinity Church are moving forward after all. The Wall Street Journal reports that the centuries-old parish unveiled a new design for the structure rising at 74 Trinity Place, which will be designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, along with revised plans for what it will entail.

Originally, the church had considered making the building a condo, and even held a design competition asking architects to put forth their best efforts for the tower. Pelli Clarke Pelli won, and have remained with the church for the building’s latest iteration: now, it’ll be a mixed-use development with space for the church’s Parish Center (which will be located on the ground floor), along with “a cafe, a large multifunctional parish hall, gymnasium, church offices and flexible spaces that can be used for classrooms or art and music studios,” per the WSJ.

As for the building’s design, there are some superficial similarities with Pelli Clarke Pelli’s initial proposal; however, the new design is intended to be more welcoming to the larger Financial District community, as well as echo the design of Richard Upjohn’s Gothic Revival church building. According to YIMBY, which also posted renderings, the new building will connect to Trinity Church via a pedestrian bridge that currently spans Trinity Place.

The whole thing will cost around $300 million, and as of right now, there’s no expected completion date.