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Donald Trump’s boyhood home in Queens won’t hit the auction block just yet

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The auction has been rescheduled for later in the year

Donald Trump’s childhood home in Queens was poised to hit the auction block last Wednesday night. But as things tend to do when Donald Trump is concerned, all didn’t go exactly as planned.

DNAinfo reports that the current owners of the Jamaica Estates abode postponed the auction at the last minute “in order to provide prospective buyers with more time to evaluate the property,” according to a statement from Paramount Realty USA, co-organizers of the auction.

While that may sound like a ploy to attract more eyes, there are apparently more prospective buyers for the house than ever. Paramount told DNAInfo that coverage of the house in its run up to auction has caught the attention of a new crop of potential owners, who want to see the place before the bidding begins.

The two-story Tudor at 85-15 Wareham Place was built in 1940 by Donald’s father Fred Trump and offers five bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms, and plenty of living space. It also offers up some outdated interiors including a magenta tub and a startling amount of wood paneling. Young Donald lived in the home until he was four, at which point Fred moved the family into a yuge-er house he built nearby.

The home has been on the market since July, when it was initially listed for $1.65 million. After an unsuccessful price chop down to $1.399 million, the owners decided to ditch the sale and go with an auction instead, allowing the public to decide how much the house is worth.

The auction is now tentatively slated for November or December, a Paramount rep told DNAInfo.