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Diminutive 242-square-foot West Village studio seeks $2,300/month

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The studio is the carbon copy of the neighboring Wee Cottage, a well-known micro apartment in NYC

A quirky little studio on West 12th street is up for rent for $2,300 a month. If the place looks familiar, that’s because it’s virtually identical to the celebrated Wee Cottage, the buzzy 242-square-foot subject of one of Curbed’s most popular House Calls, that’s just one building over at 352 West 12th Street. The two apartments even open onto the same backyard garden, which is shared between three sister townhouses.

The $2,300 rental has about everything one could ask from such a diminutive garden-level apartment. The living and sleeping area is charming and bright, with an exposed brick fireplace; the kitchen is minuscule but does have a full four-burner stove and a washer/dryer combo. The full bathroom is sizable, all things considered.

There is one notable difference between the Wee Cottage and its sister apartment, though: price. When the owners of the Wee Cottage moved into a slightly larger apartment this past spring (they’re “working on a new project that requires a larger space,” they told the Post), they put their humble home up for rent for a hefty $3,000 a month. Then again, the Cottage has no shortage of style where this new rental may be lacking: the Cottage has been renovated to maximize space, with a pocket table, a tiny chef’s kitchen and a Murphy bed. It also has enough extra storage space to make a renter forget that they’re practically living in a closet.