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Riverside Center’s first condo unloads its swanky $21M penthouse

The penthouse is the most expensive apartment in the building to date

The apartments of 1 West End Avenue, Riverside Center’s inaugural condo designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli, hit the market before the building even began making its ascent.

Now just over a year later, the building has topped out and is well on its way to being all glassed in. It also has another milestone to celebrate: Penthouse A, the 5,900-square-foot apex of the 42-story building and the priciest apartment to come to market at 1 West End Avenue to date, has entered contract.

The four-bedroom apartment was first listed in June for $21 million, a hefty sum that includes access to a spacious, private corner terrace with an outdoor kitchen. The sale has yet to close so it’s not clear if the apartment sold for the full $21 million or, in the screwy world of New York City real estate, even more.

As one of the development’s prized condos is snatched off of the market, another one arrives. Townhome 29B hit the market on Friday for $19.5 million. The condo’s monkier could be confusing: no, it’s not an actual townhouse, but yes, it’s hella swanky. It’s more like a townhouse in the sky, a 5,371-square-foot duplex with a terrace that’s nearly as large.

Closings, and move-ins, are anticipated in the spring.

1 West End Ave

1 West End Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10023