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See 432 Park Avenue's gleaming entrance plaza and 'retail cube'

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Construction is wrapping up and the nearly 1,400-foot tall tower is ready to welcome residents

Though we most frequently see renderings of Rafael Viñoly's supertall 432 Park Avenue, a new batch of photos from Field Condition showcases the nearly-finished tower. You can see the 1,396-foot-tall tower from seemingly anywhere in New York; but less visible is the entrance plaza that now looks ready for residents. Located off East 56th Street—near the southeast corner of the plaza’s base—the marble plaza boasts some seating, landscaping and birch trees. It’ll serve as the entryway for buyers who have spent mind-boggling sums on apartments here.

Field Condition also reports that cladding is almost complete on the "Park Avenue Cube," a low-rise retail building adjacent and connected to the tower. The cube will hold 6,600 square feet of retail space over two floors and will be lit up at night. It’ll also connect to an additional 20,000 square feet of retail space in the condo tower via a 30,000-square-foot underground concourse.

The latest sales at the ultra-luxe condo include adjacent apartments that sold for $62 million to an unknown buyer and an $87.7 million penthouse. This month, the marketing team unveiled a full-floor $92 million penthouse on the 95th floor.

432 Park Avenue

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