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Hell’s Kitchen will get 98 affordable apartments

Tenement buildings will be converted to a mixed-use building with a theater, community center, and retail space

An 18-story mixed-use building that will offer 98 affordable residential units is the latest project slated to take shape in the Hudson Yards Special District, reports YIMBY. The building will transform the corner of West 37th Street at Tenth Avenue, where low-rise tenement buildings currently stand. In additional to the offering all of its apartments below market rate, the project will house the Hell’s Kitchen Community Center, a 74-seat theater, and retail.

It’s being developed by the Clinton Housing Development Company (CHDC) and though renderings haven’t been revealed yet, it’s been reported that the current facades of the tenement will be incorporated into the new project. The building is just one of many that are being developed by CHDC in the area.

As reported by DNAinfo, the nonprofit plans to create a total of 280 affordable housing units on city-owned sites that it operates in Hell’s Kitchen as part of a $210 million redevelopment project. A vacant building at 560 West 52nd Street, another at 464 West 25th Street, and several others will face conversion in the near future as part of the overall project.

Anticipated completion for 480 Tenth Avenue is sometime in 2020.