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Officials are certain Second Avenue Subway will be completed by deadline

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U.S. representative Carolyn Maloney went as far as to give the MTA an A+ on its latest report card

In the past month alone, the saga that is the Second Avenue Subway has taken us all on an emotional roller coaster that included disappointment with news that it could be delayed yet again, delight that test trains were showing signs of progress, and downright confusion at the announcement that some of the tunnels were too narrow to accommodate certain train models. But despite all of this, U.S. representative Carolyn Maloney has "no doubt" that the project will meet its deadline, reports DNAinfo.

Maloney’s enthusiastic optimism doesn’t end there. She went as far as to give the MTA an "A+" on its report card that she unveiled today along the Upper East Side, stating "The MTA has done an awesome job in sending this to completion." Even though she threatened to give the agency an "F" over the summer if they didn’t meet their December deadline, she states that as of October 1st, the MTA reassured her that the project was 98 percent complete.

The MTA received straight A’s from Maloney in categories like communication with the public, station entrance progression, equipment testing, and tunnel construction.