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West Village’s newest megamansion buyer revealed

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The dual-townhouse property sold for $31 million in May

The properties in 2014.
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The mysterious buyer of a West Village property ripe for a megamansion conversion has been revealed as a telecom executive whose company purchased Cablevision for $17.7 billion in June. No surprise here: the bigwig plans to combine the properties into an 11,000-square-foot single-family home, The Real Deal reports.

The new owner purchased the townhouses on West 11th Street in May from Enrique Alonso and his wife Katherine Pozycki-Alonso of SJP Properties for $31 million. The couple had first purchased the townhouses in September 2014 for $19.1 million with plans to restore the buildings, divided into apartments, into two single-family homes.

The two rent stabilized tenants who lived in the buildings when they were purchased by the Alonsos have since moved out. Listing agents for the property told the Wall Street Journal back in June that that likely led a higher sales price—and was the factor that will allow Goei to move ahead with the conversion.

TRD notes that the renovation is expected to cost $1.3 million, and will be lead by architecture firm Arcologia.