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Hedge funder is 432 Park Avenue’s newest resident

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A former Citadel employee purchased the 432 Park pad for just shy of $33M

New York City’s “massive erection” of unconscionable wealth, 432 Park Avenue, has attracted buyers with tens of millions to spare: Saudi billionaires, real estate bigwigs, and the like. And now it’s out that—surprise!—the hedge fund folk will join them. The New York Observer reports that former Citadel bigwig Patrik Edsparr is the buyer of a $32.88 million condo on the building’s 87th floor.

Edsparr, who now helms Tor Investment Management, used the LLC name Bigappleviews—hey, no one said finance people were creative—and big views the apartment will have. The 4,028-square-foot pad will sport stunning south and east views, and has three bedrooms and four-and-a half bathrooms. The apartment was last listed for $38.5 million, NYO says.

While the sky-high abode sounds lovely, Edsparr would have to level up if he wanted to match the real estate holdings of former bossman Ken Griffith, who is the rumored buyer of a $200 million-plus apartment in the up-and-coming 220 Central Park South. If Griffith has indeed invested nine digits in the Robert A.M. Stern building, it will become the city’s most expensive single residence by a mile. Other money guy Bill Ackman now holds that distinction with his $100.7 million buy at One57.

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