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Bring an Apple Store to the Bronx, local officials say

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Bronx officials note that all other boroughs have at least one Apple location while the Bronx is left out in the cold

With 10 locations in four boroughs, Apple has solidified its presence in New York City, but the Bronx isn’t happy that the revolutionary tech company hasn’t made plans to open a location in the slighted borough. In a letter penned to Apple CEO Tim Cook, 26 elected officials, including borough president Ruben Diaz, have made it known that they want in (h/t Metro).

"[O]ur borough is the only one without a single Apple store," the letter states. "Few brands are as recognized and admired as Apple, and an ‘Apple Bronx’ location would be another signal to the world that the Bronx is open for business," it continues.

The letter doesn’t explicitly spell out where this "Apple Bronx" should be stationed but it does go on to mention the vast amount of development that the borough has seen in the last seven years alone. "Since 2009 the Bronx has seen more than $9.493 million in total development in all categories, and 54 million square feet of new construction." They point to the recent opening of the Mall at Bay Plaza, the Hub/3rdAvenue, and construction at Fordham Road for further proof that the Bronx is worthy of Tim Cook’s consideration. Additionally, it points out that many Bronx residents are loyal Apple consumers and deserve to have an outpost in their own community.

On its final note, the officials highlight that bringing an Apple store to the Bronx would not only offer residents new retail opportunities but would create jobs for the community before declaring "It is time for The Bronx to get its bite of the Apple!" in its final sentence.