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Second Avenue Subway signs are almost here

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But the MTA’s independent engineering consultant is still concerned about timing

There are just two months left until the end of 2016, which also means there are two months left for the MTA to get its you-know-what together and start operating the Second Avenue Subway. MTA and public officials (including Representative Carolyn Maloney, who just this week gave the agency an A+ rating for doing an “awesome job” in pushing construction along) are sticking to the December deadline for service to begin on the line, even as the the Independent Engineering Consultant has once again expressed concern over how quickly testing is happening.

Still, there are signs of progress—literally. The MTA’s sign shop, located in Crown Heights, has been fabricating new placards for both the W train’s return to service. More than 1,000 signs had to be changed to accommodate the W’s return, and will be placed in 80 stations throughout the system, according to the Daily News.

The sign shop has also been working hard at producing signs for the new Second Avenue Subway stations, displaying the Q logo (which will service the first phases of the SAS line) and the names of the new stations—96 St, and the like. But will riders see those sometime this year? Only time will tell.