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NYC’s next exclusive club: a Cobble Hill parking garage

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It costs upwards of $185,000 to buy into this amenity

Clubs and rich people are like peas in a pod (see the Knickerbocker Club; Gramercy Park, in so far as you have to own a surrounding property to gain access (or do you?); and Soho House.) Now there’s some good news for the folks out there thinking that there aren’t enough clubs of this variety. There is now a club dedicated to the crappiest of tasks: parking in New York City.

The Parking Club, based out of a Cobble Hill garage at 185 Pacific Street, isn’t a place where weary drivers come together to empathize with each other over the routine and soul-draining task of spot-hunting. Actually, members don’t even have to set foot in this club. Membership for The Parking Club, which starts at $185,000 for a spot, includes on-demand service where valets materialize to deliver or whisk a car away. The garage’s developers, Lonicera Partners, have partnered with parking app Luxe to provide the valet service.

The spaces in the garage sell as deeded condos—and, reminder, are as big as some condos—meaning that buyers own the spots in perpetuity. Belonging to this club has its perks; the Post notes that the valet service also includes fill-ups, charging for electric cars, car washes, monthly car maintenance, and yearly inspections.

Valet service is available within Luxe’s Manhattan and Brooklyn areas of service. In Manhattan, that’s up to 125th Street and in Brooklyn it includes Cobble and Boerum hills, Park Slope, and Brooklyn Heights. The facility also includes a lounge with coffee and papers where folks can wait for their wheels.

While the parking spot is expensive, it’s pocket change compared to the cost of a spot at Annabelle Selldorf’s 42 Crosby Street, where the building’s 10 underground parking spaces go for $1 million a pop.