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Big reveal: $1.075M for a Williamsburg loft with a studio-sized terrace

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The loft with the questionable floorplan is asking seven figures

Not a single one of the 20+ comments guessed the correct amount for this week’s Pricepotter, a spacious Williamsburg loft with a huge private terrace. But one sentiment that was shared was objection to the unit’s floorplan. More on that later.

Many of the guesses came close to the magic number of $1.075 million, but were off by a few thousand here and there. Brigstan and BK1985 were both off by $25,000 with their guesses of $1.1 million. Yet, more than a few folks did not appreciate the place calling itself a two-bedroom. "I believe they forgot to include the dotted line ("open to LR below") in the 2nd level floor plan. That 2nd bedroom is basically a loft, not an official bedroom with a door," stated NYCsince1983 with plenty more commenters chiming in to that effect.

Nevertheless, the questionable two-bedroom duplex is quite lovely and in a decent location. Let’s take one more look at what you get for your $1.075 million: