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Deadline for bid on Bushwick Inlet Park slice looms

The city has until noon on Friday to submit an offer to developer Norman Brodsky

The contested CitiStorage site needed to complete Bushwick Inlet Park may be sold to a private buyer if the city doesn’t make owner Norman Brodsky a better offer by noon on Friday, reports DNAinfo.

Back in June, the city offered Brodsky $100 million for the 11-acre site, the final component needed to make the park a reality, however he rejected that offer, citing that the city was “lowballing” him with such a low amount. In a bold move that followed, Brodsky listed the site up for auction, allowing anyone willing to beat the city’s offer to snatch up the site (apparently that didn’t work out too well).

According to DNAinfo, Brodsky and the city has been in private negotiations since then, and were close to reaching an agreement around $175 million for the property. But the most recent offer put forth by the city is still $15 million less than Brodsky is willing to accept. He claims that the deed will be signed over to a private buyer if the offer isn’t increased by noon Friday, but the city wants proof that he isn’t bluffing and does infact have a buyer willing to offer more.

Park advocates Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park have launched a campaign, urging people to tweet Mayor Bill de Blasio and call 311 and demand that the city makes a deal with Brodsky.