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Charming Midtown carriage house with indoor parking asks $8.35M

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Don’t let it’s exterior fool you, there’s a ton of space within this 19th-century townhouse

It’s hard to believe this adorable Dutch Revival-style carriage house at 149 East 39th Street has over 6,000 square feet of interior space. Judging from its exterior, one would expect it to boast tons of turn-of-the-century charm throughout its three levels. Something tells us that the home is more modern than it appears from the outset, which wouldn’t be a bad thing given that it's asking $8.35 million.

The house's listing description doesn't divulge too many details about the interiors, but from what it does disclose, the home was built in 1902 by renowned architect Ralph Townsend and has been making appearances in interiors publications ever since. In 2015, the house underwent a major renovation.

Based off of the floorplan, the loft-like space features an expansive common area on the first floor with ceiling heights of 13 feet, and an entryway that also serves as a parking garage. The second level has 21-foot ceiling heights and a huge master suite, while the third level leads to a spacious terrace. A grand spiraling staircase connects all three levels and a huge skylight allows natural light to radiate through all three floors.