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Derek Jeter’s onetime West Village townhouse rental wants $7.5M

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The former Yankees legend rented the seemingly unsellable home in 2015

It’s ba-aaaaack! The townhouse at 56 Bank Street in the West Village has been searching for a buyer nigh on six years now, with little luck. It’s been scoped out by Courtney Love, appeared on a reality show, and was rented for a brief spell by one rather famous resident—that would be Derek Jeter, who moved out last spring. Despite all that, it has yet to find a buyer.

But perhaps the fourth (fifth? who knows at this point?) time is the charm, though it seems unlikely; the seller has upped the ask each time it’s reappeared on the market, and now, they want $7.495 million for the place. (Presumably, they’re hoping the Jeter cache is enough to warrant that price bump—the listing mentions him and A-Rod, who apparently also slept there, by name.)

As for the house itself, little has changed (including the listings photos, which appear to be the same ones used back in 2013). It was built in 1833 in the Greek Revival style, but has since been “exquisitely restored and thoroughly modernized,” though some of its original details (pineapple-motif stoop railings, for one) remain. Another potential drawback: it only has two bedrooms over its 2,800 square feet, but there is a back patio, four gas fireplaces, and an “expansive roof that has been prepared for a sun deck and awaits your own landscaping vision.”