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Madonna’s never-ending feud with Upper West Side co-op board continues

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She tells the board in her latest court filings that they knew she was famous when they let her in

Madonna’s response to the Upper West Side co-op board she’s feuding with? You should have known you were dealing with a world famous celebrity. The Material Girl argued in court papers that when she was looking to purchase an apartment there in 2004, the co-op board knew that they were letting in a "world-known, performing artist," the New York Post reports.

The co-op board at 41 Central Park West in particular objected to the use of the second apartment Madge purchased there in 2008. In 2014, the board allegedly changed its rules thereby preventing her friends, children or employees from living there while she wasn’t present. When she filed suit against the building’s board this April, she stated that she wasn’t informed of the rule change until late last year.

The board asked that the lawsuit be thrown out, but Madonna is pushing forward with her claims. In the latest court documents obtained by the Post, the singer’s lawyers claim that the board’s actions violate a state roommate law about a tenant’s immediate family using an apartment. "Certainly such a requirement is ridiculous and impossible for almost any family to comply with, and certainly not someone with plaintiff’s itinerant schedule,’’ part of the document obtained by the Post reads.

Madonna said in court papers that this is her primary residence and that she’d like to have her four children and her domestic employee be able to live there as well. This isn’t however the first time she’s had troubles with the board. She ran into problems while trying to expand a unit there, and was sued for playing loud music and dancing. Earlier this year Madonna also ran into trouble for installing signs outside her Upper East Side megamansion to prevent people from parking in front of it.