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Luxury apartments encroach on Avenue D with new building

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A new development, likely to be condos, will rise between Avenues C and D

Last month, we looked at the major changes coming to Avenue A, including the arrival of several luxury residential developments—100 Avenue A, Steiner’s church-replacing condos, and the like. And the luxury train keeps on chugging east, with a new six-unit building—designed by Isaac & Stern, and developed by BSD Realty—coming to East 7th Street between Avenues C and D, according to YIMBY.

Designed by Issac & Stern Architects, the 10,466-square-foot building will be divided into six units, averaging 1,498 square feet each. As YIMBY notes, the layout is "a strong indicator that this building will hold condos, and most units will have their own floors, including a penthouse on the sixth floor with its own private upper level."

Outside, the black-and-gray exterior will be "perfectly contextual" with the rest of the neighborhood. And say what you will about slick new developments, the place is definitely a step up from the blocky salmon building that used to occupy the site (it has since been demolished). So far, no firm completion date has been announced.