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Inside Emmy Rossum's chic, youthful Manhattan pied-à-terre

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The Shameless actress shows off her gut-renovated New York City apartment

While some celebrities who snag New York City apartments look for sleek, modern spaces—Kim and Kanye’s Tribeca apartment being just the latest example of that—Emmy Rossum isn’t among their ranks. In the latest issue of ELLE Decor, she shows off her new digs (in an unnamed neighborhood near the East River), which she describes as having "the look of a modern girl who has inherited her grandmother's stuff."

There was just one problem with Rossum’s 800-square-foot apartment: it needed a pretty extensive renovation, to the degree that she called the pad her "pied-a-teardown." (Rossum’s primary residence is Los Angeles, but the Manhattan native bought the place because it was close to her mom.) With the help of ELLE Decor, who brokered the partnership, she collaborated with with designer Antonino Buzzetta to create the space, which they wanted to "evoke the era in which it was built, in 1928, with architectural details that look as if they might be original, but with a more loftlike floor plan and savvier style."

To achieve that, nearly everything in the apartment was torn out and replaced—the only thing that’s not new is the flooring. Rooms were reconfigured, cabinets and custom closets were created, and the whole thing got refined finishes, including marble, brass, and Caesarstone quartz.

The furniture, meanwhile, is a combination of new items from vendors like Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams and Circa Lighting, along with antiques that Rossum sourced herself—one, an antique fireplace, is something she and her mother found in Paris. "I wanted it to have a young energy, but with old-fashioned touches," she told ELLE Decor—mission accomplished.