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15 photos of New York City’s best Halloween-decorated houses

These houses are definitely in the spirit

Though there’s still a little bit of time left before Halloween is here, the spirit is upon New Yorkers and the celebration is in full swing. So what better time to roundup the houses in New York City with some of the best Halloween decorations to be admired than now? These homeowners didn’t take any shortcuts when dressing their abodes with all kinds of spooky ghosts, ghouls, demons, and goblins. As Hallows Eve falls upon us, let’s sit back and appreciate the effort put forth in bringing the spook-tacular spirit to New York City. If you’re in need of a last-minute costume or ideas to decorate your space for next year, you might find some inspiration here, too.


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um no #halloweenie #jumbospider #halloweennyc

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Madison Avenue Halloween spookiness! So many beautiful NYC brownstones decked out in creative Halloween decor.

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My favorite stoop on the block #isithalloweenyet

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