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Video: See inside a Second Avenue Subway station as the MTA runs test trains

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Operators are learning how to run trains ahead of the line’s projected December opening

Update: As of this afternoon, the video has been removed—Curbed has reached out to the MTA for comment.

Assuming the MTA can actually make good on its promise that the Second Avenue Subway (or portions of it, at least) will be up and running by the end of December, we’re now just about two months from service finally beginning on the long-delayed line.

And now, thanks to a YouTube clip, you can actually get a peek inside one of the new stations at 86th Street (h/t Stephen Miller)—there’s a platform and stairs and signage and everything! (It looks similar to the new Hudson Yards station, unsurprisingly.)

According to YouTube user Bryan M. Wade, who uploaded the video, the clip shows the following:

This northbound test-train entered 86th Street on the uptown track, paused and then proceeded north past 96th Street into the layups. Mayor Lindsay broke ground on that section in 1972. The test-train then headed back from the layups southbound on the uptown track, crossed over to the downtown track south of 96th and then proceeded south into 86th Street. After a short pause at 86th it continued south towards 72nd Street.

So this must mean it’s becoming a reality, right? Well, not so fast: there are a battery of tests that the transit authority must perform before service can start, and the independent engineer who’s reviewing the line’s progress has repeatedly expressed concern about timing. At a recent MTA board meeting, the engineer, Kent Haggas, said that the 86th and 72nd Street stations may not be ready to open by December.

But still, it’s hard not to get a thrill seeing one of these stations finally look like, well, a station after so long. Check out the clip below: