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Bushwick gets a rental building inspired by the NYC subway

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This is as close as you’ll get to living in the subway without actually living in the subway

While many New Yorkers loathe the MTA subway system, some just can’t get enough of it, and now for the latter, they don’t have to. A new rental building has emerged in Bushwick that does more than pay homage to the transit system: it brings the subway to life both within and outside of the units, by featuring subway poles that serve as door handles, a subway map-imprinted facade, and more much, right down to the "you are here" map pin-pointer.

According to DNAinfo, the building at 132A Stanhope Street comes with everything MTA subway-related. The apartment entrances resemble platform edges while the units feature subway tiles (of course), metallic gray finishings, yellow accents, and even brightly painted stairwells in the duplex apartments.

The building is befittingly located near the M train and is expected to post listings some time this week by a realty firm called Subway Realty Group (seriously). Curbed reached out for pricing but did not receive a response.