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Grand Upper East Side co-op gets a make-under, asks $15.5M

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The decor has changed, and so has the price

Back in the halcyon days of September 2015, this "exceptionally grand and elegant" Upper East Side co-op was going for $21 million—down from a whopping $29 million. Now, the palatial Museum Mile residence has been listed with a new broker at a lower price: as of the latest listing, the place is down to a mere $15.5 million.

The pre-war palace is still decked out with all the essentials of old-school luxury: five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a "stunning" library, multiple fireplaces, a chef’s kitchen, and the requisite Central Park views.

But there have been some changes since the residence was last listed. Sadly, or not so sadly, depending on your perspective, the interiors have been toned down somewhat this time around: the trompe l'œil wallpaper is gone, and the general atmosphere has changed from what one might call "Marie Antoinette fabulous" to something more in keeping with the majority tastes of this century. Not all is lost, though: the kitchen still appears to be as bright and as mirrored as ever.