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First piece of the New York Wheel will soon rise in Staten Island

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The legs of the massive observation wheel will arrive in New York today

Construction has been underway on what will eventually become the world’s tallest Ferris wheel on Staten Island, but the New York Wheel will take a major step forward (get it?!) today. Staten Island officials will join New York Wheel president and CEO Rich Marin and New York City Economic Development president Maria Torres-Springer to welcome the delivery of the wheel’s first pieces, according to a press release.

The wheel’s four legs will arrive at the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal "for processing" before moving on to their eventual resting place on Staten Island’s North Shore in a few weeks. And it’s no small delivery: manufactured in Italy, each leg weighs 500 tons, is 18 feet wide, and will be 275 feet tall when at full height (for shipping purposes, each leg was split into two parts).

If all goes according to plan, the finished New York Wheel will open in the spring of 2018, when it will draw tourists far and wide to Staten Island’s scenic shores—well, in theory, anyway.