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Meg Ryan shows off her revamped, industrial-chic Soho loft

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The actress has quite the knack for redesigning spaces

When actress Meg Ryan purchased a 4,000-square-foot Soho loft, previously owned by actor Hank Azaria, the apartment was definitely nice by its own accord, but that’s now nothing compared to what the When Harry Met Sally actress has done since moving in back in 2014. Ryan invited Architectural Digest in for a look inside the completely renovated space and shows off her decorating pedigree–the Megan-ize effect, as Ryan’s son Jack calls it.

The actress is no stranger to redesigning spaces. After all, this is the ninth home that she’s renovated. "I know it sounds crazy to most people, the idea of renovating that many houses. But I love renovating. I think it’s tied to living the actor’s life. As an actor, you are so rarely in control. [W]ith decorating I am in control; it’s a chance for me to bring my vision into the world," she told Architectural Digest.

Ryan embraced an industrial-chic design that included bold dark-colored hardwood floors, open kitchen shelves, and a mixture of custom and purchased furniture, along with some pieces salvaged and repurposed. The full-floor three-bedroom apartment still very much feels true to its days as a warehouse but, overall, has been elegantly remastered without being too polished.