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Brooklyn Bridge Park’s pop-up pool gets a one-year reprieve

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The organization that runs the park will operate it for one more year as they look for a permanent solution

Swimming season may be over for the year, but there's some good news for fans of one of Brooklyn's newest—and most popular—pools. The Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation announced today that the pop-up pool at Pier 2 within the waterfront park will stick around for one more year.

The pool initially opened with a five-year contract in 2011, with the understanding that it would close after the 2016 season; but in recent months, locals and families who use the pool have pushed to keep it around. A survey conducted by State Senator Daniel Squadron found that 80 percent of those polled would like to see the pool become a permanent fixture.

In a statement, outgoing Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation president Regina Myer noted that, "We all love the Pop-Up Pool, and keeping it for one more season gives us more time to pursue the best solution for everyone: a larger, permanent pool for Brooklyn Bridge Park. We look forward to working with the community and our elected officials to fund the permanent pool."

The Pier 2 uplands, where the pool is currently situated, will eventually be transformed into another three acres of parkland, but that project will be put on hold for a year.