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Natural History Museum's expansion garners community support

In the latest community board vote, members overwhelmingly supported the project

The American Museum of Natural History’s planned $325 million expansion just cleared another roadblock as the local community board voted to support the project, reports DNAinfo.

In September, local Community Board 7 gave the expansion plans its blessings, despite reservations against the project held by some Upper West Side residents who take issue with the new Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education and Innovation wing’s plans to utilize about a quarter acre of space from Theodore Roosevelt Park while eliminating seven trees.

While the latest vote is a victory, it's only advisory and used to gauge the community’s opinion on the appropriateness of the expansion. The next step for the museum is getting approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission to move forward' the proposal will appear in front of the LPC on Tuesday. With the necessary approvals in place, the Parks Department will lead a public review in 2017 that will survey potential environmental impacts of the project.