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Seaport condo offers up the next over-the-top amenity: yacht rentals

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Hinckley yachts are docking at 1 Seaport

The war of New York City’s most over-the-top amenities is on, and more on fire than ever. There are hammams and concierge jet service, golf simulators and basketball courts. But a new excessive amenity just sailed into town: luxury yacht service. The new, unprecedented offering will be available to residents of 1 Seaport, Fortis’s 60-story Financial District condo rising on Manhattan’s east side.

Condo owners at the development, which launched sales in April from $1.325 million and is now 50-percent sold, will be able to reserve one of three Hinckley yachts up to three times a week, with staff included, at no additional cost to the owner beyond docking and fuel.

Those costs aren’t all that cheap at $100 to $200 a pop, but it pales in comparison to 1) the cost of buying and maintaining a Hinckley, and 2) buying a membership with Barton & Gray Mariners Club, who 1 Seaport’s teamed up with to run the amenity. A membership there ranges from $20,000 to $50,000 per year.

The 1 Seaport team formally announced the amenity last night at an event packed by notable brokers, including Fredrik Eklund and John Gomes, who are heading sales of the project, Million Dollar Listing broker Luis Ortiz, and Douglas Elliman chief Howard Lorber. “I think it’s the ultimate amenity,” Eklund said, while pointing out that the yachts would be an A+ place to watch the Fourth of July fireworks from. (Buyers, be aware: better make that reservation ASAP.)

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