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The beauty of fall in NYC, captured in photos

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Enjoy the season while it’s here

Curbed Flickr Pool/mariajml

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t noticed, fall is under full swing in New York City. This glorious time of year is more than just sweater weather. It’s a time to enjoy the leaves shifting from their bright green summer shades into dark crimson, golden orange, and bright yellow hues as they scatter the city trees. Watching all of this occur throughout the city is incredibly beautiful and a sight that never gets old. So sit back, relax, and maybe grab yourself a pumpkin spice latte as you enjoy these lovely Instagram photos of fall taking over the city while you can. After all, it won’t be too much longer before winter sweeps in.

Feeling motivated to head out and create some fall magic of your own? This pocket guide can steer you towards the right path for everything you should be doing in NYC this fall.

Fall in NYC ♡ #nextyear #fallinnyc

A photo posted by Michelle Gjerding (@michellegjerding) on

A house grows in Brooklyn #nbk_farms #fallnyc #iloveny #lunchbreak

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Fall in NYC. #alwaysremember911 #nycistheplacetobe #fallnyc #ilovenature

A photo posted by Michelle Sanders (@mbbeadandstitch) on

October sky showin up to werk #sunset #autumn # # #fallinnyc

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The best lunch at #shakeshack under the #brooklynbridge #nyc #fallinnyc #walking both ways!

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