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Lower Manhattan may get yet another historic district

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The Sullivan-Thompson Historic District will be voted on by the LPC

The Landmarks Preservation Commission has unanimously voted to calendar the Sullivan-Thompson Historic District for consideration as lower Manhattan’s next landmarked enclave. The proposed area south of Washington Square Park and east of Seventh Avenue includes 157 buildings and is sandwiched by the Charlton-King-Vandam Historic District, the MacDougal-Sullivan Gardens Historic District, the Soho-Cast Iron Historic District and its extension, the South Village Historic District, and the Greenwich Village Historic District and its extension.

The Sullivan-Thompson Historic District would preserve a stock of buildings that highlight the immigrant and mixed-use working class history of the area. Five individual landmarks already exist within the proposed historic district’s boundaries, all of which are early townhouses. Of the 157 buildings in the proposed district, just 15 percent were constructed after 1945 with a majority of the buildings constructed prior to 1860.

Landmarks chair Meenakshi Srinivasan noted that the area’s “social and cultural history really highlights the rationale” of creating a new historic district. The Sullivan-Thompson Historic District will be voted on by the commission at a later date.

The district is being viewed by some as a launching pad for the proposed redevelopment of St. John’s Terminal on the west side. If passed, the Sullivan-Thompson Historic District would likely prompt local councilmember Corey Johnson and community groups to lean more in favor of the redevelopment.

In August, Johnson indicated that if the city were to approve the redevelopment of St. John’s Terminal, it should also work to create a new historic district.