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See the view from atop Robert A.M. Stern’s Central Park South skyscraper

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Photographer Viktor Thomas snagged some truly ridiculous shots from the under-construction tower

When Robert A.M. Stern’s 66-story tower at 220 Central Park South is completed (at a date TBD, because many things about this development are still shrouded in mystery), it’ll be home to some of the wealthiest of the wealthy New Yorkers—we are talking about the development that’s purported to have a $250 million apartment, after all.

But for now, it’s merely a construction site—and one that’s not necessarily walled off from the prying lenses of the city’s intrepid urban explorers. One of those daredevils is photographer Viktor Thomas (who posts on Instagram as @vic.invades), who recently scaled the still under-construction skyscraper and snagged some truly bonkers shots.

Even though the building hasn’t topped out yet, the views from Thomas’s vantage point are spectacular—you can see Central Park, the skyscrapers of Billionaires’ Row, and well beyond. Thomas told Untapped Cities, "It’s as if I was testing out the location for the wealthy people who will eventually be living there. I got to check it out first which is a privilege." That’s the kind of attitude we can appreciate.

Check out his amazing photos below.

220 Central Park South

220 Central Park South, New York, NY