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Bushwick residents agree to relocate for M train repairs

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Many residents have agreed to voluntarily relocate while repairs are made over the course of eight to ten months

The MTA seems to have successfully convinced the majority of residents near the Myrtle Avenue station along the M train route, where repairs will displace them for several months, to leave voluntarily, scaling back the need to seek eminent domain proceedings, reports DNAinfo. Back in May, many residents had complained that the MTA hadn’t provided them with much detail about the relocation process and hadn’t been in contact with them directly. The agency now attributes the voluntary agreements to its "excellent rapport" with those affected.

About 60 residents and three business owners will have to be relocated by the MTA while the agency conducts repairs on an elevated section of the M train tracks at the Bushwick Cut redevelopment site near the Myrtle Avenue stop. A viaduct that was damaged by Hurricane Sandy will be rebuilt over the course of eight to ten months. While some residents will be relocated for as many as 10 months, others will only be out for about three months, beginning in June 2017.

According to the agency, many residents have agreed to leave voluntarily already and they "anticipate very close to 100 percent voluntary agreements" said MTA Director of Real Estate Jeffrey Rosen. "If you want the M, J, and the Z train to be there for when the L train is out, we must do this vital work," stated MTA board member Andrew Albert.

Though the agency hasn’t revealed how much the relocations will cost, they have promised to pay for lodging, food stipends, the offset of lost renters’ income to property owners, and they will also pay business owners for the amount of time they have to shutter their doors.