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For $22.5M, an elegant ‘mansion’ apartment at the Plaza Hotel

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All four bedrooms offer views of Central Park

Another one of the Plaza’s palatial apartments has made its way to the market—and unsurprisingly, it has a jaw-dropping price tag. The 4,665-square-foot apartment is a so-called “mansion” apartment, with an asking price of $22.5 million. Does it warrant that price? Let’s take a look.

Accessed through a private elevator, the apartment’s finishes include herringbone floors, detailed molding, and wood-paneled wainscoting installed by Clive Christian. (What that adds up to: a place that doesn’t look all that different from other luxury apartments, if we’re being honest.) The eat-in kitchen has been designed with custom cabinetry and stone countertops while marble also makes its appearance in the kitchen and several bathrooms.

An office, laundry room, wet bar, and more than ten closets all come with the grand residence. Each one of the large bedrooms welcome views of Central Park, as does the living and dining rooms. And if that isn’t enough, there’s special access to white-glove maid and concierge service as well as the Plaza’s own amenities that include a salon, spa, fitness center, food hall, and champagne bar.

The Plaza

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