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New renderings of Williamsburg’s new Jenga-like luxury rentals

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The latest update reveals factory-style windows and private balconies

Last year, the Loketch Group revealed plans to expand the squat building at 207 South 3rd Street into a sleek and Jenga-esque five-story building (a bit of a knock-off of ODA New York’s signature boxy style), adding three stories and six apartments to the original structure.

Now, YIMBY has new renderings of the geometric development, revealing a handful of new details: huge factory-style windows, glassy private balconies with landscaping, and a contemporary gray brick facade. Otherwise, YIMBY observes, the plans haven’t changed much, with the double-height ground floor matching the original renderings of the building, designed by architect Charles Mallea.

When it’s finished, the place will house 10 luxury rentals—all of them four-bedroom duplexes—averaging 1,375 square feet each. Each apartment will have its own private outdoor space, and each will come with a washer-dryer set up.

Four business had to move out of their ground floor storefronts to make way for the project, reports YIMBY, noting that the new building will “replace that lost commercial space with 8,700 square feet of ground floor retail.” According to Moishe Loketch, who runs the Loketch Group with his father, they’ve just started work on the concrete superstructure for the new floors. Assuming all goes according to plan, the project will wrap sometime this spring.